The Android games market has evolved a lot in the past few years and it looks that the future is pretty good for it. The most prominent reason for its growth in terms of the user base is due to the fact that now almost every other game is forced to be free to play. It’s not that there are no paid games out there but for some reason, it feels that the free games are very high in number and there has to be something behind it. In this post, we will be taking a look at such reasons only which have led most of the present and upcoming mobile games being listed as free on platforms like Google Play Store.

1) Android Phones Are Cheaper Compared To iOS Devices

iPhone devices are generally priced high which draws us to the assumption that the iOS owners may have money to spend on at least the most minimal game monthly subscription. But, in the case of Android, things are opposite. The Android market is filled with budget handsets which are a lot cheaper and affordable as compared to iOS devices. We believe that someone who has somehow arranged money to afford a low-end budget phone for basic tasks and games would not think of investing money in games. This leaves the developers with only one option, i.e., free to play games. The market has a lot of users and the developers can earn money through advertisements, which is a win-win situation for both creators and customers.

2) Good Paid Games Leads To More Piracy

It’s a known fact that piracy is a lot easier to perform in Android as compared to iOS due to the simpler fact that APKs can be installed easily whereas side loading of games in the second platform is a lot difficult. If any developer decides to create an ad-free and good quality latest mobile game for a price, then there are chances that his/her game may end up being distributed for free on the Internet. But on the other side, if a free game is developed with ad support then that may go a lot well and successful.


It looks like the free genre is going to continue with the upcoming games for Android also. We hope that through this post you would have now understood why most of the games on Android are free to play these days.


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