5 ‘Superfoods’ that are not as Super as you think that

When you come across the term superfoods, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it may have a lot of nutritional benefits added in it. The foods can be tempting as they come uploaded with trendy ingredients. But this may not be true because most of the foods that come with health benefits, also come with limitations. Here are some of the list of commonly touted superfoods that aren’t as super as you think.

Coconut Oil: The first superfood is coconut oil, which is delicious and has buttery fat that increases the taste of food. But, do you know that a recent study has shown that coconut oil can increase the LDL cholesterol that is the bad cholesterol. So, the suggestion is to have a balanced coconut oil by adding olive oil, walnuts, and other unsaturated fats.

Nut Milk: The nut-milk that you consume comes loaded with sugar and additive and are not in their purest form. If you make it at home, you would definitely drink it in a real way. Instead, if you prefer to purchase it from outside make sure to select unsweetened varieties of nuts so that you gain more benefit from it.
Dried Fruits:The next in the list is Dried Fruit. You may find that dried goji berries, mulberries, and other expensive dried super-fruits comes loaded with sugar. These can are also high in calories and carbohydrates and this can lead to weight gain. It is suggested that you can stick to the everyday dry fruits like raisins, cherries, and currant.

Chia Seeds:You might have heard about Chia seeds, which comes loaded with iron, protein, calcium, omega-3s and fiber. No matter it has high reasons to be appreciates but, one who has sensitive stomach should not eat it because it can cause digestive discomfort. Besides, it is also suggested to drink a lot of water after consuming it.

Broccoli:Broccoli is eaten by all and has different possible health benefits like these are anti-inflammatory and can even lower the cholesterol. But, do you know that this powerful vegetable contains chemicals that can help regulate excess estrogen in the body. But, eating too much of it can disrupt the natural balance of hormones and this can lead to unstable moods and bodily functions.

So, always remember that superfood may not be the healthiest food that you think. But you should  that you should eat a good mix of colorful fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains legumes, lean protein so that you can get all the nutrients and health benefits that you need.


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