5 Of The Coolest Android Tricks You Can Do Without Root

When you plan to implement some Android tweaks and hacks, your first idea that comes to your mind is rooting your smartphone. No doubt rooting Android smartphone will give you extra administrative privileges to tweak Android smartphone, but it also opens door to malware, hackers and can also void phone warranty. There are options which are better and using the same you can customize Android smartphone without even rooting your phone. By using some awesome tools you can tweak your Android smartphone by controlling some settings.

Trick No 1

You can tweak the status bar look in your Android smartphone. There is a tool named Status, which will do this trick. This tool supports Android version 4.1 and higher. The app is ad-free and with no “pay to unlock this feature” popups.

Trick No 2

The most searched Android tweak is how to Save Battery Life of a smartphone. Well, you don’t have to worry as there is an app called Pixoff: Battery Saver AMOLED. Pickoff  saves battery by applying a filter that turns off pixels of AMOLED screens. The app requires Android 4.4 version and above.

Trick No 3

Another Android tweak is to run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously. There is a dual app named Parallel Space, where you can run multiple WhatsApp, Facebook accounts or any other app or game in one phone.


Trick No 4

You can also run every app in full screen and this one is another best Android tweak. There is GMD Full-Screen Immersive Mode tool that can let you force your apps or games to display in full-screen mode. Using this app, you can hide or even show the navigation bar with just a simple swipe and notification. The widget allows to easily change mode anywhere. To make it operational, the smartphone just needs to have KitKat or higher Android version.

Trick No 5

There is an app called PowerLine, which is a really powerful app that can help you make a highly customizable bar at the top of your screen. The app can display how much battery is left or even how much time you can use your smartphone. Not only this, but it can also show indicator bars on any side of the screen.

The Bottom Line

Use these tools if you want to customize your Android phone’s looks and its functions. Also, let us know how do you find the content. If you know any other similar apps that can do wonders without rooting you can let us know.


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