5 Amazing Games Like Clash of Clans You Can Play

Clash of Clans is regarded as one of the most popular games available on all the mobile platforms and it is loved by all. Everyone loves playing it and it is also considered as the best-used base games in 2018. If you also like the gameplay, but you are looking to play some other games that are similar to the Clash of Clans, then we bring for you a bucket load of games like Clash of Clans. Listed below are best 5amazing games like Clash of Clans that have something new and unique to offer and you would definitely love it.

1. Boom Beach

Boom Beach


Boom Beach is one of the games that is developed by Supercell, which is the same developers who created Clash of Clans. The game has a similar essence as the Clash of Clans but has more unique elements, which will give an entirely new identity. No doubt the base may be the same in both these games, but Boom Beach provides a richer and fuller experience than Clash of Clans.
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2. Castle Siege

Castle Siege

Castle Siege is another alternate game like The Clash of Clans that has a brilliant theme. The game has excellent graphics and the base can end up looking quite wondrous and imposing. You can actually control your unit on the battlefield and make more tactics to control the scene.

3. Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire

Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire

Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire is one of the best popular games like Clash of Clans. The game is counted to have more 50 million installs. The game is all about building a village, defending it, and taking on opponents. You can also level up your heroes and battle them against others.
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4. Total War Battles Kingdom

Total War Battles Kingdom

If you want something more intense than Clash of Clans, then you can opt for Total War Battles: Kingdom. This is one of the most played mobile games that are playable cross-platform. In this game, you need to build up your kingdom with blacksmiths, farms, create mountains, lakes, and rivers in Total War.
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5. Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates

If you want to play a pirate version of Clash of Clans, you can opt for Plunder Pirates. The game is similar, but the difference is the theme or setting is about pirates and the naval life. In this game, you have to build a pirate island using all kinds of defenses and firepower.
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In addition to the above-mentioned games, there are other games as well as Battle Dragon, Star Wars: Commander, Jungle Heat, Viking Wars, Total Conquest and many others.

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